Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Girl Scout Cookie Time! How Many Points?

Of course Girl Scout Cookie season lands right in the beginning of my weight loss journey. I love Girl Scout Cookies, so I budget for them so they'll fit into my daily points. I also budget for a glass of skim milk to have along with them. It helps me get my dairy for the day and that makes me feel a smidge better about my GS Cookie obsession.

This year's cookie variety lineup includes the usual offenders, plus the new Dulce De Leche cookies with caramel chips and a caramel drizzle - egads. In order to budget these once-a-year cookies into my day, I have had to calculate the points for each. I am surely not the only one fitting GS Cookies into my day, so here are the values. P.S. - A cup of skim milk is 2 points. :-)

Trefoils 4pts (5 cookies)
Dulce de Leche 5pts (3 cookies)
Do Si Do 3pts (2 cookies)
Sugar Free Chocolate Chip 4pts (3 cookies)
Lemon Chalet 4pts (3 cookies)
Tagalong 3pts (2 cookies)
Samoa 3pts (2 cookies)
Thin Mints 4pts (4 cookies)


Lisa Brisch said...

Trefoils and Thin Mints are my favorite. Thanks for posting the points. That will keep me from eating a sleeve in one sitting!

Chef Kim said...

Well, the sleeves are definitely smaller these days. I guess that's good for the waistline, huh?
My hummingbird-metabolism-having husband is going through a box of cookies a day. sigh...